Ernst Krüger GmbH & Co KG
Vulkanfiber-Fabrik, Spinnkannen aus Vulkanfiber und Polyethylene, Stanzteile


sewage treatment

The company’s arrangements treat the sewage according to the best techniques available. Supported by the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia, the pilot project concerning the sewage treatment has been put into practice with success.

In big parts of the manufacturing process we arranged a completely closed water circulation by dividing the different streams of sewage and the reprocessing through a reversed osmosis.

reversed osmosis

waste, saving resources

A strict waste management and the circulation of important materials preserve resources and create broad potential savings.

energy savings

Different projects concerning the minimization of power revealed the existence of potential savings. As they were broadly put into practice, the carbon dioxide emission as well was the energy costs were clearly reduced. Within the framework of the Energieeffizienz-Netzwerk-Niederrhein we have prepared the road map to an energy management system.

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