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Vulkanfiber-Fabrik, Spinnkannen aus Vulkanfiber und Polyethylene, Stanzteile


The mechanical properties of vulcanised fibre offer high strength at low weight. High elasticity allows finished parts to be manufactured very easily by bending. Simple shapes can also be made very well in the vacuum forming or drawing process. An adapted quality of vulcanised fibre has been developed for this purpose.

As it is a material that is resistant to many chemicals, especially solvents, vulcanised fibre is a classic material for making seals.

Because of the good electrical and isolating properties of vulcanised fibre and its spark resistant behaviour, vulcanised fibre is used in the electricity industry as an insulator in switches and other electro-technical applications.

The flexible but tough properties of the material make vulcanised fibre ideal as an underlay as well as a protective foil when vacuum forming or drawing materials that have sensitive surfaces.

In the textile industry vulcanised fibre is used as a twine feed due to its good abrasion resistance and its antistatic property.

Vulcanised fibre is drawn for welding protective plates. Its spark resistant property is also important here.

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